Drainfield Repair in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

Welcome to Affordable Septic Solutions, LLC! Our experienced septic system and drainfield repair specialists have been installing and repairing commercial and residential septic system drain fields for over 25 years in the greater Miami area including all of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We know what we are doing and we get the job done right the first time —we’re number 1 with your number 2!

Septic System Drain Field

Septic tank systems require some way to dispose of or disperse the liquid wastewater, effluent. A leach field, or drain field, is composed of a network of perforated pipes that are laid in gravel-filled trenches underneath the ground’s surface. Either gravity or pressure carries the wastewater to the drain field where the effluent is absorbed. The effluent trickles out of the pipe networks through the ground layer of gravel. It then percolates up through soil where microbes treat the water before it enters the groundwater. The drain field is usually located on a stretch of land on the side or back of the property and the size depends on the daily flow of water and soil absorption capabilities.

There are several different types of drainfields including gravity drainfields, pressure distribution drainfields, cesspool, seepage pit, mound systems, holding tanks, and aerobic treatment units, and we are well equipped to inspect and repair any of them, correctly and to local government codes and requirements. Over 426 million gallons of treated effluent is released into Florida soil every day —that’s a lot of waste! Let Affordable Septic Solutions ensure that your septic system and drainfield are functioning properly and contribute to the health and safety of our land and residents.

Drainfield Repair

When your septic system fails or becomes damaged, it can cause some inconvenient problems. Commonly, drain field repairs may be required as the result of an overflowing septic tank that is allowing solid waste, sludge, into your drainfield or to clog your drainfield pipes. If you notice any of these symptoms: backed up drains or foul smells coming from drains, standing water on your lawn, discolored grass above the drainfield, or frequent septic tank pumping needs; it is time to call a septic system specialist to conduct a septic system inspection and drainfield repairs before the problems escalate. Repairing a drainfield should be left to the experts as there are many components that work together to create a properly functioning drainfield and if it is not installed and repaired correctly, could cause a health hazard.

Drainfield Services at Affordable Septic Solutions

At Affordable Septic Solutions, LLC our experts install, maintain, and repair drainfields to help keep your septic system operating smoothly and keeping your land hygienic and safe. As part our routine septic system services, we inspect your drainfield to identify hazards or potential problems and conduct the appropriate repairs. We also install, pump, and repair septic tank systems that prevent problems from making their way to your drainfield. For more information about the services we offer, check out the full list here. If you have a septic system with a drainfield, or you need drainfield repair near Miami, give us a call today!