Portable Toilet Rental in Miami

Make your job site or event more comfortable by renting a portable toilet from Affordable Septic Solutions! We offer delivery and cleaning of portable toilets for any occasion.

Job Site Portable Toilet Rental

Whether you are doing a complete remodel of your home bathroom or spa and need an alternative until your project is complete or you are a foreman on a construction site and need to provide a restroom for your employees on the job site, Affordable Septic Solutions will provide portable toilet rentals to meet your needs. Based on the number of people using the toilets and the length of time you intend to be at the job site, we can provide enough toilets to keep business moving and we provide regular cleaning services to keep things clean. Once the job site no longer requires portable toilets, we will come pick up our rentals. We take care of everything, the only thing you have to do is call and make your reservation!

Event Portable Toilet Rentals

Any large event that will call large crowds is deserving of a row or rented portable toilets. Not only will the portable toilets help keep people at the event, but it will manage all of guests restroom needs to help keep things as orderly and tidy at the event as possible. Whether you are having 50 people over to your house for a party or you are hosting an outdoor concert series that is going to attract more than 10,000 people, renting portable toilets from Affordable Septic Solutions will help take some of the stress out of planning and add some comfort to your event.

Events that May Require Portable Toilet Rentals

    • Concerts
    • Outdoor Weddings
    • Races or Obstacle Course Competitions
    • Fair or Carnival
    • Family Reunion
    • Corporate Holiday Parties
    • Parades
    • Community BBQ
    • Church Picnic
    • Trade Shows
    • Rally
    • Sporting Events
    • Fireworks Displays
    • Festivals
    • Holiday Events

Renting a portable toilet (or 20) is incredibly easy and less inexpensive than you may think. If you are interested in renting portable toilets, contact us at Affordable Septic Solutions to reserve yours today! We will deliver sparkling clean portable restrooms to your desired location and pick them up when you are through. If you need cleaning or emptying between the two, we will come and do that too! Let us help make your event a success.