Snake Main Line

Plumbing and septic system blockages are more than just an inconvenience. Sewer line clogs can be a health hazard and can cause major problems when it causes dirty water to back up into your home. For this reason, it is important that clogs are handled as soon as they happen and that they are taken care of completely.

Sewer System Main Line

Your home’s sewing and plumbing system involves a system of pipes designed to bring clean water to your faucets while carrying dirty water away from your home using drains. Pipes are designed to hold water as well as keep gases from leaking. The main line in your home or business is exactly what it sounds like, the main line that travels from your structure to the main community sewer line. All main lines include removable clean-out plugs. When the caps are removed, wastewater may flow out, so be careful! Once the clean-out plugs are opened, clogs can be accessed using a pipe snake and high-pressure water jetting.

Snake Out Main Line

For any of the major types of clogs in the main system —grease build-up, tree root damage, offset pipes, or normal buildup—, clearing them requires a heavy-duty electrical-powered snake line or high-pressure water jetting. This heavy-duty snake should be used by a professional plumber or septic system professional. If the clog is so great or has occurred in the main underground pipe system, it may require accessing the pipes underwater to clear the clog.

Main Line Snake Services

If your sewer system’s main line is clogged, call the professionals at Affordable Septic Solutions. We have the experience and the tools necessary to relieve any clog while mitigating damage or causing further damage. For more information or to schedule your sewer services, contact us today!